For as long as most of us can remember, the playground has been a means and source of much-needed pastime and for kids. On the playground, they are free to express themselves however they like, while also interacting with children of their age or other age groups. The playground has provided a wonderful medium by which children can be children and do things children do, all geared towards improving their cognitive and physical fitness in a friendly environment. Of course when one extols the virtues of the playground, one cannot fail to mention playground equipment. These works of art have been designed in such a way that the child is able and willing to explore on his or her own, finding out what he or she is capable of while having fun at the same time. We are familiar with them, aren't we? We played on similar equipment when we were kids, and who can really forget such awesome experiences? Playground equipment such as the swings, slides, and see-saws of our childhood, all played an integral part in making us into the people we are today. We cannot afford to deprive our kids of the same experience and chance to fully maximise their potential amidst their peers. A day spent on the playground is far better than one spent at home all day, glued to a screen as many kids these days are wont to do. When it comes to playgrounds, getting the right equipment for your play area is just as important as having enough space for actual play to take place. We know that sometimes, selecting the right thing you need, for the exact purpose you need it for, can be rather tiring.

The same applies to the selection of playground equipment. That is the exact reason why at Premier & Play, you can get a wide range of equipment, suited to your individual needs and ideas for the perfect playground which your children will forever be thankful for. Located in Massachusetts, Premier Park & Play works with various reputable suppliers to bring you a variety of play equipment that will give your playground that added flair you may have been looking for.


Supplies are made to various customers who reside in different places in New England including Maine and Connecticut, to name a few. Say you need specially designed and customized outdoor musical instruments for your playground, Premier Park & play has got you covered. How about the equipment that is more commonplace such as slides, swings and even themed castles?


The safety of the customer is also of utmost importance and all the play equipment are up to standards set by the various governing boards and associations, such as the American Society for Testing and Materials(ASTM).




This brand offers customers and clients, the very best in play equipment that money can buy. The products offered span a wide spectrum from the slides to the fantasy-themed castles your child has been dreaming about, all up to code and date. This brand offers reputedly strong and long-lasting products, which have been designed with not just the younger kids in mind, but for the older kids as well.


Aside from the solid products offered, green lovers will be happy to know that all products offered for sale, are made from materials which have been recycled. Play Mart, aside from manufactured play equipment, also offers natural equipment as well as products to cater for early childhood, known as “Nature of Early play”, geared towards ensuring your child stays connected to nature and the world around him or her. In essence, this is an eco-friendly brand, who delivers on all its promises and will leave you very satisfied. They are available in whatever shape and design you may dream of. 



This is a more traditional brand and offers a variety of commercial equipment in various colors and customizable designs which are especially well suited for places such as schools and childcare community centers.




This is another reputable and respected brand. With Union Land, you are guaranteed a good range of wonderfully creative equipment for your playground. You can select from a number of exciting climbing nets for your child who loves Spiderman or our collection of large play boulders for our future rock climbers, the list goes on and on. One exciting thing to note about products offered by Union Land is the fact that they designed in standardized units, which allows them to be designed in nearly endless ways during installation. Get yourself a product from this collection and let your imagination do the rest while your playground is brought to life.



Famous musician, Richard Cooke who has a Grammy award to his name as well as a host of nominations, designed special musical instruments meant to be used outdoors. These musical sculptures are solidly designed and built and will add that oomph to the playground, giving it extra wow factor. 16 musical instruments which are all unique in their own rights, and also, four ensemble packages are offered by this brand.




For those of us interested primarily, in themed equipment, then this is the brand for you. The various equipment is designed and customized to suit the needs of the customers. With Themed Concepts, you don’t have to worry if your child wants a dinosaur or pirate themed playground, they’ve got you covered. Premier Park & Play is ready and able to meet your playground equipment today. You only need make your order and the rest.